Mark Ross


Opinion | Language students are becoming few and far between. Teaching non-European languages is the solution

Language students are an increasingly rare breed on university campuses in the UK, according to a recent UCLA report. But don’t despair – if language departments adapt to the demands of our up and coming linguists, the UK can retain its multilingual status.
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The Fish Wars: A view from the other side of La Manche

The Croft Magazine // A Year Abroad student in Boulogne-sur-Mer gives his take on the post-Brexit fishing disputes, looking out at the battlefield.
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Opinion | Students should receive a tuition refund following industrial action - but they won't

This month, university staff across the country took industrial action to protest against pension cuts and work casualisation, amongst other issues. As yet another chunk of students’ uni experience was upended, should we be demanding financial compensation from the University this Christmas?
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Opinion | Banning afro swim caps is bad. Excluding minorities from sport is worse

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) recently decided to ban “afro” swim caps at the upcoming Olympic Games. This discriminatory measure reminds us that current levels of diversity in sport are far from gold medal-worthy.
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Opinion | Security staff wearing body cameras may be invasive but it is necessary

University security staff have recently been equipped with body cameras when patrolling campus and University-owned residences. It stings our egos and feels invasive, but for students acclimatised to the digital age, we should really just accept that the benefits outweigh the flaws.
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City Twinning: Bristol's Unknown Sisters

The international “twinning” of cities has gifted Bristol a number of ‘sisters’ across the globe. Seven cities – Guangzhou, Porto, Bordeaux, Hannover, Porto Morazon, Beira and Tbilisi – are part of the Bristolian family.
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Opinion | The University needs to improve existing first year halls, not build new buildings

In light of the University’s recent plans to erect new student accommodation in Temple Quarter and St Philips, and the poor quality of some of the existing residences, the University’s housing priorities are being questioned.
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