Maia Roston


How Halloween helped me love my body

The Croft Magazine // Halloween costumes are a main part of the holiday for many, some feel the pressure on women to dress a certain way isn't empowering, but for Maia Roston it is exactly this tradition that has helped her confidence in her body.
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Dealing with ‘ugly’ emotions

The Croft Magazine // Being faced with emotions commonly seen as ‘ugly’ or unpleasant can be difficult as we believe their presence is a reflection on who we are, when this is far from the case. Maia considers how to cope with such feelings through recognition and acceptance.
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The simple things: wellbeing advice for the term ahead

The Croft Magazine // It is natural to assume that university is the place to find oneself, to gain a sense of true independence, or ultimately just to grow up. These paths have become increasingly difficult since Covid-19 hit.
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