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'Ket out of here': The environmental impact of drugs

Drugs for better or worse are an ubiquitous part of many Bristol students lives. With a growing concern from students about the ecological effects of their actions, Kieran Mielek takes a look at drug's environmental impact and it's effect compared to other factors.
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Shazam! is full of tricks but doesn’t break the superhero mold

This light-hearted take on the titular kid-turned-superhero is a fun time for fans of the genre, but can it stand out from the superpowered crowd?
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Trapped is a refreshing collection of creative shorts, with concepts ranging from a serious prison documentary to a talking dildo

The feeling that one is trapped can be one of the most daunting and terrifying parts of the human experience. It can also involve talking vibrators and giant teddy bears, at least if the folks behind Rebel Film Festival have anything to say about it.
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Alita: Battle Angel is a visual effects success for fans of the original manga, but may put off casual filmgoers

Alita: Battle Angel is a movie with stunning visuals which are continuously overshadowed by notably glaring flaws: its stilted dialogue, one dimensional characters and a by-the-books narrative.
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Bird Box success blind to its mediocrity, despite causing memepocalypse

The Netflix original has created a genre of online content and even its own ill-fated challenge, but it still remains an average, albeit enjoyable, film.
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Is Black Mirror: Bandersnatch the start of an interactive TV takeover?

The latest episode of the Charlie Brooker anthology series is an interactive film during which the viewer chooses the path, reminiscent of the Ghostbusters books.
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Histories of Bristol: 1963 Bus Boycott

The story of the Bristol bus boycott will always serve to rally and inspire those who battle against the inequalities that exist today
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