Jules Chan


Why the University doesn’t care about your Bristruths post (at least not for now)

The inability of our institutions to understand the student population sometimes seems so prevalent that lethargy might reasonably be mistaken for strategy.
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Review: 'Sex Education' @ Tobacco Factory

It takes about three minutes for ‘Sex Education’ by Harry Clayton-Wright to propel the room in to the kind of atmosphere reserved only for the awkward pubescent hysterics of school biology classes.
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Opinion | Gavin Williamson’s free speech policies fail to understand the insidious problem with campus culture

At some point in the last year and a half since I arrived at university, I stopped speaking openly about my conservative political beliefs, and started half-heartedly laughing along to demeaning jokes about the “Tory Scum” so prevalent on campus.
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Opinion | Valentine’s Day 2021 has the potential to be the most authentic one yet

It is seven-thirty on February the fourteenth, you glance at the corner of your computer screen, waiting for the call to come through. Anticipation permeates the air, and you nervously adjust the angle of your laptop webcam.
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