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Did you like leopard print before it was boujie? Didn’t we all.

Tacky, exotic or glam? However you see this iconic pattern, leopard print has made its mark in fashion history as we look back at its incredible showcase
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FUZE @ Bristol Grammar School: stepping into Eden ★★★★

Close your eyes and think of Eden… I bet you pictured a paradisiac garden abundant with iridescence and colour. Now, add a layer of dynamic art and untethered expression into your dream and you’ll be ready to experience the creative collective that is FUZE #revivethegarden
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Finding Frida Kahlo: Self expression through style

Deputy Style Editor Jemima Carr-Jones discusses the legacy of Frida Kahlo as a response to her new V&A
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Cultural appropriation in the industry: Your ignorance could cause offence this Halloween

By Jemima Carr-Jones, Deputy Style Editor Style Deputy Editor Jemima Carr-Jones discusses the controversy surrounding cultural appropriation in the fashion
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Editor's Picks

Style editors Laura Mallinson, India Harrison-Peppe and Jemima Carr-Jones reveal their fashion favourites of the fortnight. Style Sub-Editor Laura Mallinson
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The history of jeans: from the wild west to Britney and Justin’s double denim

First year Spanish student Jemima Carr-Jones traces the history of the infamous blue jean, a garment that has 'featured in
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