Jade Bruce


Vaccines offer desperately needed hope, but they must be for everyone

Newly licensed vaccines give reason for renewed optimism but, for the sake of the global economy and public health, distribution must be fair and equitable. An editorial from two scientists highlights that the pandemic is a ‘global problem requiring a global response’.
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University of Bristol research investigates the effects of climate change on pollinators and human health

Climate change has a global impact. University of Bristol scientists are leading an international team to investigate how climate change may lead to the decline of pollinators and the effect this may have on human.
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Bristol research has global implications for COVID-19 drug and vaccine development

A study conducted by University of Bristol researchers highlights important information about the structure and variability of SARS-CoV-2, which may underpin COVID-19 drug and vaccine research.
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Could your genes accurately predict your educational achievement?

Bristol researchers investigate whether a student’s genetic make-up can predict exam results and be used to personalise education.
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