India Gay


Ten Things We Love About Tennis

It’s been fantastic to see the Tennis Club flourish this term, so we have taken time to reflect upon the supreme successes of the start of the season
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The season so far: TB1 review

With the days getting shorter and the temperatures getting lower, Christmas is just around the corner and the first term of 2019/20 is nearly over
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Does asthma control who can participate in sport?

For some, the idea of exercise or playing sport is daunting and for some it is a scapegoat for a new years resolution, that will be slowly forgotten over the first months of the year
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"I pledged to run 100km in a month" - One man's commitment to Movember

What is the thing that you are proudest of doing this month? For some of you, this might have been meeting an important deadline, having done well in an assignment, or perhaps having won a match at your preferred sport
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UBESter's take on the Lake District

While Bristol might have plenty of opportunities to escape from the urban life, giving us a chance to feel a bit closer to the wilderness, I often don’t find it enough
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Futsal: Football's Forgotten Sibling

Futsal is often overlooked in favour of the popular and well-known football but, as a growing sport, it deserves it's own recognition as a fast pace and inclusive activity
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An intense but successful pre-season for Bristol University's sports teams

With the long, hot (?) summer nearly over, many university sports teams have started to get back into shape with, sometimes gruelling, pre-season sessions
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