Guy Atoun

I review films and analyse how different subject matters are represented in cinema


Romance in uncertain times: Why Cold War is great cinema for lockdown

How does love persist amongst fear and anxiety when the future seems bleak? Guy Atoun explores the critically-acclaimed Cold War (2018) and its enduring tale of romance amongst the frosty backdrop of political uncertainty.
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History on film: To what extent can we understand the past from cinema?

The dangers associated with the normalisation of the Holocaust in cinema have been discussed at length, but it also raises questions about how much we can understand about history from cinema.
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Beanpole is another tragically overlooked film of 2019

Beanpole presents a smart, engaging and uncompromising view of Russia in the Second World War, along with technical mastery that shines in every shot.
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Why Parasite Should Win Best Picture At This Years’ Oscars

Bong Joon-Ho's Parasite (2019) is a brilliantly deceptive 'magic trick' of a film that has stunned audiences worldwide. Guy Atoun explains why it should win best picture - and why the Academy has a problem with international releases.
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The Lighthouse is already one of the best films of the year

Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe give career-best turns in a horrifying and mesmerising tale of loneliness, insanity... and seagulls
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Is Jojo Rabbit’s Comedic Take of the Holocaust a Necessary One?

Many filmmakers today aim to explore the Holocaust, as well as other historical tragedies, in different ways that may be unexpected to general audience. A recent example of this is Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit (2019)
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Watershed French Film Festival: Young Ahmed

Featuring at the Watershed’s French Film Festival, the Dardenne brothers’ new film Young Ahmed (2019) tries to tackle complex social issues but falls flat in engagement and narrative structure.
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Has the Holocaust been normalised in modern cinema?

What we seek we embark on a ‘cinematic experience’ will naturally differ based on our contrasting tastes and personal preferences. In some way or another, however, even without realising, what we almost always seek for is a ‘perspective’ on life
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