Grace Kirby


There is no 'I' in mental health

According to the 2020 Health and Wellbeing report, 41% of students are diagnosed with a mental health problem when at Bristol University, 48% of these students are now receiving drug treatment, and 32% of students feel alienated at university - but what's the connection?
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180 Degrees Bristol are officially the ‘most innovative’ student consultants in the UK

In an ever-more challenging environment for charities and non-profit organisations many of them are turning to the consultancy industry for much-needed advice. Student-run consulting firms are leading the way in supporting charitable organisations through the global pandemic.
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Resisting lockdown productivity pressures and pandemic feelings of failure

I have never written a novel, roller-skated, built an igloo, sky-dived, or composed a sonnet. Yet, with the advent of a year since coronavirus started to impact the world, I get the unnerving sense that I should have. This feeling of un-accomplishment and regret perfectly epitomises February.
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