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Opinion | Does grade inflation change the way students should be offered university places?

The disruption caused to the United Kingdom’s exam system by the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced barriers that prevent higher education becoming more accessible to those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Revisions to the university admission process should be made to reflect this.
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Is wild camping your last resort summer escape?

The Croft Magazine // Though illegal in much of the UK, wild camping can prove a good last resort. It might even be exciting, and a good chance to connect with nature.
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Celeste - 'Not Your Muse' Review

By Gemma Blundell-Doyle, Second Year English Celeste’s LP Not Your Muse, released 29 January 2021 through Polydor, has bewitched
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Opinion | The transition to ‘the new normal’ on campus may not be as smooth as we anticipated

Although the University has released extensive information on the safety measures it will install on campus, I can’t fathom how meetings of swathes of people from across the country in a concentrated area won’t result in a surge in cases of Covid-19.
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Happy Birthday Tim Burton!

Watching Burton’s films, you feel like Jack Skellington stepping through a portal into a different realm.
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Opinion | Marc Quinn’s statue was a temporary gimmick, but revealed a Bristol still struggling with its past

‘The removal of Quinn’s sculpture was as significant as its installation. It revealed Bristol is still navigating how (or if it is even possible) to remedy its past.’
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Golden Tickets

If you were forced to fork out £500 for a fare to France, would the financial damage turn holiday bliss into blues?
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