Gail El-Halaby

Colourful haired gal passionate about mental health, rock music and veganism.

ARTICLES BY Gail El-Halaby

Live Review/ Sunn O))) @ SWX

A band like no other, with their other-worldly fusion of drone, black metal, dark rock and downright deafening corruption of the ears. Check out our review of Sunn O)))
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IWD/ Women in Rock

'In genres so teeming with testosterone, these girls are a breath of fresh air', Gail El-Halably explores Women in Rock.
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Veganism: the hardships and rewards

By Gail El-Halaby, VegSoc Social Secretary Today marks World Vegan Day in celebration of the formation of the Vegan Society
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Why you're not 'So OCD'

Sunday 7 to Saturday 13 October is International OCD Awareness Week. In honour of the week, Second year Psychology student Gail El-Halaby discusses the common misconceptions surrounding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
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