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Review: The Hara @ The Fleece

I have to say, from the first few songs performed by the Mancunian trio, I was sceptical as to whether they were my thing. Still, I endeavour to keep my review as fair as possible.
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Single Review: Jamie xx - LET'S DO IT AGAIN

Romance seeps through Jamie xx’s debut In Colour due to its grounding in the UK rave scene and ties to the xx’s delicate youth enthused guitar driven tracks.
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Review: Dayglow @ Marble Factory

From Last week’s performance at the Marble factory, it is clear to see why many may find solace in Dayglow’s music. His music sounds fantastic on the studio recorded versions that we’re used to, and safe to say that they certainly did not disappoint in their live renditions of their songs.
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Should music award shows be abolished?

Over the last 40 years, music award shows have become a mainstay in how we celebrate some of the best the music industry has to offer. But do these events hold much significance besides culturally? Do they suggest a bright future for music?
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Jazz Funk and Soul Soc are back!

They’re back! Bristol’s smoothest society has returned! After a short hiatus over a long, dreary, and seemingly endless January exam season, Jazz, Funk, and Soul Society (JFS) have come swinging back into our weeknights with their first jam of 2022 and a guest performance from band Zoe’s Shanghai.
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