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Lockdown projects: Normalising nudity with art

Lockdown has provided many of us with more time for personal projects, and Emma Bayley-Melendez has used this opportunity to create art with a purpose - body positivity and empowerment.
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Live review/JGrrey @ Rough Trade

Everyone has that artist that they recently discovered and can't stop listening to. For me that was JGrrey, in the haze of summer I stumbled across her song 'Don't Fade' on Spotify.
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Honestly too good to miss: Honest Burgers review

Deadline season is here and in full force and so are my junk food cravings! Whilst there's nothing wrong with indulging in a McDonald's every now and then I much prefer spending my overdraft on food places that make an effort to source ingredients locally.
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The Primrose Café: is this the perfect vegan breakfast?

By Emma Bayley-Melendez, Deputy Food Editor The Vegan Monty £9.95 Situated in Clifton Arcade, the 25 year old
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