Ellesse Jun Huan Low

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Neonics: the common pesticides wreaking havoc on the sleep of insects

Neonicotinoids (shortened to neonics) are a common type of pesticide which is widely used in crop protections. Two new studies led by scientists at the University of Bristol recently discovered the harmful effect of neonics on disrupting the sleep of bumblebees and fruit flies.
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Bristol study finds that early puberty produces higher risk of self-harm

A novel study sponsored by the National Institute for Health Research Bristol Biomedical Research Centre (NIHR Bristol BRC) has found that children who experience early puberty have an increased risk of self-harm in adolescence.
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University of Bristol study explores the truth behind zebra stripes

The exact origins and functions of zebra stripes have been debated for over a century and have generated multiple hypotheses. A new study led by biologists at the University of Bristol has helped narrow down the possible purpose of zebra stripes.
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