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Us is another social horror masterclass from Peele with exceptional acting

Director Jordan Peele follows his breakout hit Get Out (2017) with a haunting exploration of how privilege itself is a form of horror.
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Captain Marvel is the female role model Marvel needs

The important message of the first Marvel film to celebrate a female protagonist overrides any predictability to prove a must-see ahead of a new generation of Avengers films.
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Female film icons: Viola Davis

As part of Epigram Film & TV's 'Female Film Icons' series, the significance of Viola Davis's acting career so far and stance in the industry is explored.
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Hell is Other People preview: Proxy and Golden Girl put young characters at the forefront

Two short films as part of a wider collection on show, Schuman’s modern drama, Proxy, deals with the topic of depression in a menial context, whereas Golden Girl focuses on a young woman defying her father to follow her passion for krumping.
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The Golden Globes failed to make true progress, despite their supposedly diverse nominations

The awards ceremony on January 7 claimed to celebrate a diverse group of people but, once again, proved how much more needs to be done ahead of the Oscars on February 24.
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Creed II is an emotionally-charged sequel that brings Adonis out from Rocky's shadow

Creed II, starring Michael B. Jordan in the title role, is an emotional boxing film that illustrates a journey of self-discovery, and establishes Creed as a franchise in its own right.
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Widows is so much more than a heist movie

The stellar cast of character actors in the film are guided by Steve McQueen and Gillian Flynn to portray the social oppressions of contemporary America.
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The 'Black Panther' effect

Does box office success of Black Panther indicate a change in the way blackness is filmed? The immediate success of
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