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The science behind spiking

Nowadays when we hear the word ‘spike’, it has become synonymous with surface proteins on the SARS-COVID-2 virus. But the last year has shown a very different spiking epidemic on the rise in bars and nightclubs
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Bristol University biotech start-up receives £3.5m for the development of cancer therapy

CytoSeek, a Bristol-based discovery-stage biotech company, has successfully secured funding of £3.5 million for the development of new cell therapies for cancer treatment. What do they do and why is it important to fund new research?
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We the Curious set to reopen with Project 'What if'

Over the last three years, We The Curious has been gathering questions from residents all over Bristol. With over 10,000 submissions from every postcode in the city, staff and volunteers whittled them down to just seven.
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Could a new treatment for diabetic eye disease be on the horizon?

Academics from the University of Bristol have contributed to the development of a potential treatment for Diabetic Macular Oedema (DMO); an eye condition affecting more than 20 million diabetes patients.
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Pterosaurs: how did these giant lizards get better at flying?

A study involving University of Bristol researchers reveals how these winged reptiles, known as Pterosaurs, evolved better flying capabilities.
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University of Bristol drone research to be used in future offshore wind farms

Project MIMRee (Multi-Platform Inspection, Maintenance and Repair in Extreme Environments) was created in 2018 as part of an Innovate UK initiative, bridging together leading academics and industry experts including University of Bristol researchers.
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University of Bristol psychologists give 10 tips for the COVID-19 transition

by Delhi Kalwan, SciTech Deputy Editor A study conducted in the University of Bristol’s School of Psychology, highlights 10
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