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UBT varsity in the Stravasphere

The ‘Bristol Uni Boob Team’ are currently partaking in a varsity challenge being held on Strava against other university boob teams across the country. The aim of the challenge is to clock as many kilometres on Strava as possible.
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‘Good, for a girl’: Experiences of women in football

The place of women in football is justified, so why is it still sometimes considered strange for women to show an interest in the beautiful game? For International Women’s Day 2021, it is time to challenge this perception of football being exclusively for men.
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Bristol graduates become youngest women to row across Atlantic

Two ex-University of Bristol students have broken the world record to become the youngest women to row across the Atlantic Ocean. Bristol graduates Flo Ward and Hannah Walton, alongside friend Georgie Leach, completed the 3000-mile journey in 52 days, four hours and 57 minutes.
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The people’s champion: The magical world of intramural sport

For some people, the intensity and commitment of university sport just isn’t their cup of tea and they would prefer a more casual sporting experience.
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How University of Bristol sports teams have raised almost £25k for charity

Throughout lockdown, many of the university’s sports teams have dedicated time to fundraising for various charities and important causes or issues currently prevalent in society.
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