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Opinion | What does Covid-19 mean for this generation of graduates?

Callum Ruddock examines what the Covid crisis means for graduates. The job market will shrink as belts tighten; the value of degrees will be bought into question. And yet, students mustn’t despair. They need only cling to their dreams (circumstances permitting) and fight for the things they desire.
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A love letter to Lisbon: Part one of two

He had fallen in love with the idea of loving someone. Having chased a close friend to Portugal for a summer of platonic romance, their afternoon jaunt had ended in the hills of Lisbon.
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Opinion | Grade Inflation does not matter

Are students really worse than the undergraduates of yester year? Has the matter of grade inflation got out of hand? Are firsts less impressive than before? The Government thinks so, but I certainly do not.
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Opinion | What can we learn from the Bristol SU candidate hustings

Are the Students still listening – Carla Denyer (Green) and Thangam Debbonaire (Labour) seem to think they are. Let's take a look back (with hindsight) at the issues, the arguments and the rhetoric offered at our very own SU ‘General Election’ hustings.
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A speculative Christmas in France

Callum Ruddock imagines a Christmas at his Grandmother’s house in the south of France - the sights, smells and the memories yet to be forged.
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Cycling the Rhine river

Following his fathers path down the Rhine river, Callum Ruddock spends a youthful summer pedalling through Germany on an adventure of his own.
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