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It’s time to let go of 'glowing up'

The Croft Magazine // As soon as January hits everywhere you look is the idea of ‘new year, new me’. A fresh start presents an opportunity for fresh change; to achieve new goals and set yourself new challenges. But, is this a good thing?
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Opinion | Pro-life feminism: Hypocrisy at its finest?

Fundamentally, feminism is all about choice. At its very core feminism holds that women should have the right to choose to do whatever they want to do with their lives and with their bodies.
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The Euros: Are we all in it together?

It’s (maybe) coming home! England is through to the Euro semi-finals and will be playing Denmark tonight to fight for their place in the competition final.
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Opinion | The pandemic is making students re-evaluate university

The pandemic has radically changed the way we experience university. Gone are the days of in person teaching and socialising, now replaced by virtual seminars and the excessive use of Zoom to try and fill the human-contact sized hole in everyone’s heart.
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Opinion | From student to student, stick to the lockdown rules

As soon as Boris Johnson made his speech telling us we would be going back into lockdown I began planning as many social events as I possibly could. From Sunday morning to Wednesday evening I was off seeing friends and taking in as much of the world as possible before lockdown began.
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Opinion | Online teaching: As bad as we thought?

In the space of the past six months the world has drastically changed. Social distancing is now part of our everyday vocabulary and the go-to phrase for leaving the house has evolved from ‘have you got your keys?’ to ‘have you got your mask?’.
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Opinion | Returning students should pay more attention to social distancing

From academics, to societies, to nights out, COVID-19 has been wildly disruptive for Universities. With the new term looming, returning students are faced with two options: stay safe and social distance, or live life like before, as if coronavirus didn’t exist.
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