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Opinion | The anonymity of Bristruths is a positive feature of the platform

It seems to me that people either crave or reject anonymity, the marmite of social constructs one might say. Anonymity is simultaneously tied to innocence, and a retainment of privacy in light of something negative.
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What to watch when you’re homesick

From road trips to high school to the coast of Spain, sit back and relax to these five lovely films full of warmth, charm and most importantly laughter that have helped keep me smiling through the years.
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Opinion | The treatment of women in the media needs to change

The media often makes a point of building women up, praising them, yet sometimes has been known to turn on them with little to no evidence – and in this, the noughties proved truly vicious.
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Five films about the HIV/AIDS crisis to watch this LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBTQ+ History Month means something different to each member of the community. For me, I feel an obligation to understand and respect those lost in the AIDS pandemic that tore through our community less than 40 years ago, the effects of which are still seen today.
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'The Prom' is proof that not everything needs a film adaptation

The Prom, released last Friday, is the first film in Ryan Murphy’s $300 million deal with Netflix. And if there is any justice in this world, it will also be the last.
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Opinion | It is possible for us to have different political leanings and still be friends

In the tense and often politically divided stomping ground of higher education, it may be reasonable to assume that the answer to the question of whether you can have friends of different political beliefs would be a resounding ‘no’.
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