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Bristol researchers find dinosaurs were already in trouble before the asteroid hit

Ground-breaking Bristol research has found that the dinosaurs were in decline for 10 million years before an asteroid collided with earth leading to their eventual demise. This could help explain why some animal groups survived the asteroid strike while dinosaurs and other groups perished.
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Complex switches give more precise control over industrial cellular processes

New research has found that increasing the complexity of cellular switches can greatly increase the precision with which a cell’s biochemical processes can be controlled. This could lead to higher yields in the industrial manufacture of drugs, medicine and food.
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Light drives the evolution of new butterfly species

Scientists have found differences in visual structures in the brains of butterflies based on the levels of light in their environment. The two groups of butterflies show signs that they are on the way to becoming completely separate species.
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The structure of moth wings reveals the secret to how they outsmart bats

Scientists from the University of Bristol have examined the intricate structure of the wings of moths and have found that they can dampen the sound waves used for bat echolocation.
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The insect mothers that give birth to babies as large as themselves

The idea of a baby being born as big as it’s mother might sound like something out of science fiction; but where would science fiction be without science fact?
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