Aaron Wilkinson

History student with far too much to say for his own good. In a band, owns a vinyl player.

ARTICLES BY Aaron Wilkinson

The best Christmas films that aren’t really about Christmas

With Christmas less than a month away, the shops are starting to play Christmas songs and TV channels across the country begin to shift towards festive films, but there are plenty of Christmas films not really about the holiday
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Terry Gilliam and the Myth of Hollywood Success

On the 19th May, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018) premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. A film 29 years in the making, it stands as a testament to director Terry Gilliam's patience and determination as a filmmaker
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The magic nostalgia of vinyl

We all listen to music on different formats, but why are older formats like vinyl making a resurgence while the stalwart CD is collecting dust?
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Halloween Cocktails: drinks to lift your spirits

Halloween is one of the great student nights out of the year. Dressing up and having a laugh with mates, what better way to spice up your night than with some themed drinks?
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