Review: Easy Life @ the O2 Academy


By Josh Templeman, Digital Music Editor

Since their formation in 2017, Leicester-based group Easy Life have been making some serious moves.  Known for their mellow jams and snappy hooks, the band has been able to capture a cult following, who were in full force for the Bristol leg of their sold-out tour.

Before the group took to the stage, Trinidad and Tobago-born rapper/producer BERWYN had his chance to make his mark on the already packed venue.  In his typically silky and tuneful tones, he treated the crowd to some of his most popular tracks, “VINYL” and “ANSWERS”, from his latest album TAPE 2/FOMALHAUT that released earlier this year.  Despite a few hiccups, namely borderline losing his voice a few tracks into the show, I think one thing is certain: BERWYN gained a decent handful of new fans that evening.

The crowd already roused by the supporting act, eagerness for Easy Life’s arrival grew swiftly.  Easy Life have done huge shows before, indeed they had performed at a range of festivals across this post-covid summer, however, this time things are different – things have changed since their last visit to Bristol in late 2019.  The past two years have been monumental for the group, allowing them to consolidate their unique yet infectious sound and releasing their album life’s a beach earlier this year to widespread acclaim.  The release, amongst the band’s contagious likeability and charisma, has seen the band grow a passionate fanbase, both nationally and globally, as indicated by the sheer demand of the tour.

Easy Life performing at the O2 / Darrian Poulsom

The group didn’t wait to bring their contagious energy to the venue, opening with ‘Pockets’, arguably their most well-known track.  In return, the crowd wasted no time at all in warming up their vocal cords, chanting each and every word back at the group, something that seemed to take the band by shock on the first show of their tour; a feeling they’re I’m sure they’re going to have to get used to as they tour the country.

The band made sure to give the fans everything they could have hoped for, performing all of their favourite tracks, from ‘skeletons’ to ‘have a great day’ and ‘daydreams’ to ‘nightmares’.  Fuelled by the infectious energy of the crowd and the many gin & tonics the band were knocking back, the band seemed like they never wanted the night to end with their set nearly totalling two hours by the end.

A particular highlight was their performance of ‘Sangria’, with the band needing the support of the crowd to give the song the justice it deserves. ‘Arlo Parks can’t be here tonight – she’s in Birmingham.  You guys need to sing her verse for us yeah’, lead singer Murray Mutravers announced, a request the crowd took very seriously, bellowing her section of the song in its entirety, perhaps unsurprisingly in a manner not even remotely as smooth and delicate as the immensely talented London-based singer.

With the venue full to the brim, at its 1,600-person capacity, with fans screaming their name, one wouldn’t think the band made any enemies that evening.  However, this was not the case, with certain members of the crowd surely not looking forward to their inevitable return – namely the security team.  To their dismay, lead-singer Mutravers and drummer Cassidy chose to stage-dive into the crowd multiple times throughout their set, despite the security team imploring them not to on several occasions. The crowd didn’t seem to care in the slightest, however, carrying the duo throughout the pit, whilst chanting their lyrics at the top of their lungs.

These are exciting times for Easy Life.  The band will continue their huge tour around the country, visiting everywhere from London to Southsea, before embarking on a European and US tour next year.  With the moves the group are making, the future can only be upwards; thankfully, I’m sure it won’t be long at all before we get to see the band perform in Bristol once again.

Featured image: Darrian Poulsom

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