On finding Utopia: A review of FUZE Bristol’s 2021 show


By Morgan Collins, Style Digital Editor 2020-21

The Croft // In support of Black South West Network and Art Refuge, the highly anticipated FUZE fashion, music and dance show returned this year bigger and better than ever.

The category was ‘Utopia’, and the FUZE cast strutted their stuff at the Lakota Gardens this past Thursday and Friday to the mantra of inclusivity and diversity, sustainability and creativity.

A sky filled with butterflies set the stage for the evening which began with a blast as the dancers took to the stage, setting a precedent for what was to come. Full of flirtation, joy and whimsy, you couldn’t take your eyes off the dancers as they moved to both well-known and original songs.

Dancers clearly felt empowered to express themselves which extended to the audience in turn who couldn’t help but cheer along (even to the point of being asked to keep it down by the Lakota staff). Every detail felt fully realised even down to the glow in the dark nail varnish worn by some of the performers and euphoric décor that matched the Utopia theme perfectly.

We are no strangers here at Style to supporting small businesses, so it is no surprise that the fashion was the highlight of the event for me. The avant-garde is certainly celebrated at FUZE; mostly editorial and extravagant looks were sent down the runway and it was also great to see the music performers dressed in showcased brands giving the show a sense of fluidity and cohesion.

Highlights for me include Becci, whose designs played beautifully with volume and colour (think endless tulle in pastel colours), Anya Sims whose structural pieces in sheer fabrics were to die for, A W Knitwear’s unique and fantastical looks, not to mention the stunning Maisie Taylor dress worn by FUZE Managing Director Pippa Adamthwaite-Cook.

We cannot forget either a favourite of Style – Young Goat, whose clothing a lot of the dancers chose to perform in. Overall, the fashion felt ethereal and was a celebration of wearing whatever makes you feel amazing.

An eclectic range of musical artists also performed | Sam Stevens Photography

Rare it is to find a cast as diverse as the FUZE models. As an organisation that prides themselves on inclusivity and diversity, FUZE certainly practises what they preach. It was truly inspiring and heart-warming to see such inclusion and acceptance on the runway and I hope that this represents a sign of things to come.

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Finally for the music, an eclectic range of artists performed at the show, ranging across different genres. Most memorable to me was Angus Black who made the audience swoon with his saxophone and amazing vocals.

FUZE Bristol succeeded in hosting a magical evening that lived up to all expectations. The show is truly a testament to the power of student endeavour, and I am excited to see what more the team have in store for the future. If this is what Utopia looks like, I am sold.

Featured image: Alice Sutton Photography