Warning: Fake Bristol alumni page requests 'private pictures' from female students


By Georgiana Scott, Deputy Editor

The Facebook account privately messaged students commenting on their appearance and offered a monetary reward to its two thousand female members in return for photos of themselves.

Brizzle Alumers, a Facebook account disguised as a page for Bristol alumni to ‘stay in contact’, has messaged current and former female university students requesting ‘private photos.’

The creator of the account claimed to be the ‘Graduate Studies Dean at the University of Bristol' and as of Saturday had added nearly 2000 female students as friends.

Students said they were repeatedly sent friend requests and those who accepted immediately received inappropriate messages from the fake account that commented on their appearance.

The initial message several students received said: ‘Hi I’m not supposed to do this but I think you are absolutely stunning.’

The sender going under the name of ‘Marc’ proceeded to ask for 'private photos' in several instances.

Imogen Horton, a graduate of the University told Epigram: 'It’s disturbing that someone would use the facade of an alumni account to try to gain sensitive images from girls.

‘Although most girls will hopefully have just dismissed the messages, it’s worrying to think what might have happened in situations with younger or vulnerable individuals.’

The Facebook account had also posted a message offering a monetary reward in the form of an £80 Amazon voucher for students to send in ‘their favourite memories' from their time at Bristol.

As of this morning, the page was deleted.

The scam highlights the need for increased awareness around fake Facebook accounts and how to spot them.

If you have felt pressured into sending pictures or have sent pictures to this account you can anonymously report it through the University of Bristol ‘Report and Supportsystem.

Featured Image: Siavash Minoukadeh / Epigram

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