Beauty trends to try in 2021


By Olivia Andrews, Style Sub-editor

The Croft Magazine // Thank God 2021 is finally here! While it looks as though normality currently remains a far-away land, there are hopefully, still many things we can look forward to. No doubt the beauty industry will bring exciting new products and trends to indulge in.

1. Hand care:

Even though, with coronavirus staying omnipresent and the ever-increasing restrictions, it is clear people are secretly bending the rules. However, hopefully increased need for cleaning our hands will outlive the virus.

Unfortunately, this will no doubt scrub your hands dry and so with this comes the necessity to hydrate! Therefore, my first prediction for 2021 is hand cream, yes slightly boring I know, but definitely an essential this year. Don’t worry though here’s a more exciting option to slather your desperately dry paws.

Glossier generously donated 10,000 units of their hand cream to hospital workers before its official release. Scented with their own fragrance, this quirky packaging is irresistible.

Handcream, £16 | Glossier

2. Bespoke Beauty:

With personalised products exploding all over the insta’ feed, I think that the popularity of these is going to grow and grow this year. Brands such as Function of Beauty have been nailing the personalised trend, promoted by nearly every youtuber/beauty influencer ever, customisable beauty to suit your own needs is clearly a popular choice.

3. A spa from home:

Since it seems we can’t go elsewhere, we might as well make ourselves as comfortable as possible in the comfort of the home. Makeup and nice outfits have been ditched in favour of natural skin and baggy trackies, but to spice it up and sprinkle in a dash of luxury, make a spa from home, with an indulgent fasce mask.

These luxurious re-useable ones from Charlotte Tilbury give off major Silence of the Lambs vibes, as they are slightly terrifying looking. But, that’s not to put you off, as they are supercharged with vitamins and minerals to give you a facial from your sofa.

Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, £18 | Charlotte Tilbury

Whereas these more affordable ones available from Amazon are equally relaxing, without terrorising your family.

Party Animal Face Sheet Mask Pack, £4.99 | Amazon

4. Multitasking Heroes:

Last year championed single ingredient products, as people were learning more and more about what to put on their skin. The ever-affordable crowd-pleasing products from The Ordinary promoted the chemistry bottle aesthetic and layering and slathering every product imaginable to feel like a fancy scientist. But no doubt this year, not everyone feels like they have the time.

So, for those of us who feel busier than ever stuck at home, or for those who have lost all motivation for skincare, multi-tasking beauty products will be your supersavers.

Plus, whilst these may feel more expensive for only one product, most of the time they still work out cheaper.

Clinical O.3% Retinol + 2% Bakuchiol Treatment, £53 | Paula's Choice

This product from Paula’s Choice will renew your skin, helping to clear acne and diminish residual pigmentation

Whilst this vitamin c serum plumps, brighten and hydrates the skin.

Radiance Perfection Serum, £38 | Ren

Or try this moisturiser with SPF 50, another great 2 in 1.

Skin Restoring Moisturizer, £34 | Paula's Choice

5. Capitalism with a Conscience:

In this uncertain year, we know the voice of David Attenborough will provide a beacon of hope. Taking his stern warnings of what our world could become, these brands have thankfully been listening. With the promise to grace our doorsteps in eco-friendly packaging, Versed and Ren are great examples of brands that have developed an eco-conscience.

Here’s to hoping for a brighter future, and equally radiant skin.

How will you be looking after your skin in 2021?

Featured image: Epigram/Morgan Collins

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