Epigram Sudoku: limitless play


Sudoku is THE mathematical puzzle we all know and love. Epigram's infinite puzzle format randomises a grid of your chosen difficulty so you can endlessly play during your online lectures...



  1. You can decide your difficulty and the game loads with a set number of revealed squares within the standard 81-square grid. Please be patient with the page when loading as it can take a few seconds!
  2. Each row, column, and 9x9 sub-grid must be filled with each digit from 1 through 9.
  3. If you have filled every square in the grid without any being highlighted, then congratulations: you've solved it! Or you can give up and click the solve button... But why would you do that?

How many Sudokus have you solved today?

Source code adapted from code written by Jonas Ohlsson Aden and Nicolai Jaeger


Patrick Sullivan

Epigram co-Editor-in-Chief 2019-20, now digital puzzles connoisseur. EngD student researching sustainable composites, entering my sixth year at UoB (somehow).