You vs Winter: The night-out staples to keep you looking fire against the ice


By Annelise Moses, Third Year History

The Croft Magazine // Exams are finished, deadlines appear far from touching distance and The Triangle is clearly calling your name, so, don't let the icey weather put you off.

As winter drags on the thought of leaving a blanket-ridden sofa scantily clad, adequate outerwear out-of-sight, makes a night at MBargos seem slightly unappealing. With only a bottle of your favourite vodka-mixer concoction in hand to warm your shivering body, you leave the house thinking ‘We could just stay in with a bottle of wine and make our own fun'.

After just recovering from the gale-force winds and heavy showers of Storm Brendan, it appears the terrible winter weather is not letting up. This February is set to be the coldest since 2013! Therefore, perhaps instead of relying on those ever-faithful VKs to keep you from freezing on a night out, a more practical attire is advisable and will aid to saving you from a killer hangover too.

Cord Up

Starting from the bottom up: velvet and corduroy should be a staple in your winter wardrobe, essential for keeping cosy whilst also staying on-trend. Easy to wear on a night out with a cami or cropped-top, or with an oversized knit in the daytime. Here are a few of my favourites…

Long sleeves are your bestie

My key for keeping warm on a cold winter’s night, aside from wrapping up in a million layers looking something like an Eskimo (which doesn’t really bode well in a stuffy club/bar), is always a long sleeve cropped top or bodysuit.

Leave Michelin man at the garage

And finally outerwear. During the winter months, there is always a fine line between looking chic or as if you have dressed up like the Michelin man. A bomber jacket or a short shearling fleece are easy to wear and will ensure you still look as if you are actually going on a night out and not to fix some tyres!

With these warm and stylish combinations you'll be able to party to your hearts content without the cold weighing you down  - everyone's a winner.

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