Live Blog: Bristolians take to the polls


By Imogen Horton, co-Editor-in-Chief and Benjamin Salmon, Deputy News Editor

The latest election news, updates and results throughout the night from across Bristol

| That's all folks!

Benjamin Salmon / Bristol East and Bristol West

That's it from me here at the Bristol East and Bristol West count in Lawrence Hill.

I hope you enjoyed our coverage and thank you for following. Labour may have won the day here in Bristol but a disaster across the country will likely be a massive reality check for the embattled party.

Thanks again and here's to democracy!

04:20 | Labour hold both Bristol East and Bristol West

Benjamin Salmon / Bristol East and Bristol West

Kerry McCarthy and Thangam Debbonaire have held their seats in Bristol East and Bristol West respectively.

Debbonaire won with 47,028 votes to Carla Denyer of the Green's 18,809. Despite murmurs Denyer could take Bristol West, it proved Labour's day here in Lawrence Hill despite a poor showing in the rest of the country.

Debbonaire was gracious in victory and paid tribute to the campaign the Green Party put on.

In Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy won with 27,717 to the Conservative's 16,923.

This means all Bristol seats are Labour-held for the second election in a row.

03:29 | Darren Jones holds Bristol North West for Labour
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West

Darren Jones held the Birstol North West constituency, with a majority of 5,692 votes.

He said he was 'grateful' to everyone who voted for him and was 'sorry' that Labour had had 'such a devastating night across the country'.

Jones said the Labour Party must now be 'honest about why we suffered such a historic loss and failed many of my constituents and many people across the country'.

The full results are as follows:

Chris Coleman, Liberal Democrats - 4,940

Darren Jones, Labour - 27,330

Heather Mack, Green - 1,977

Mark Weston, Conservatives - 21,638

03:09 | Counting has finished
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze have finished counting.

It is estimated that a result will be announced within ten to fifteen minutes.

02:57 | Counting nears finishing
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
A seventh ward, Stoke Bishop, finishes counting votes, leaving just Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze to return a result.

02:48 | Darren Jones, incumbent Labour MP, arrives
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
Darren Jones has now arrived at Henbury Leisure Centre for the results of the Bristol North West count.

Jones says he's 'tired but excited', but tells journalists it's too early for him to say if he's confident.

He added that he was 'devastated' that his team had 'suffered' such a historic loss.

Darren Jones, Labour incumbent for Bristol North West

02:18 | Second provisional turnout announced
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
A second provisional turnout has been given to include postal votes that hadn't been counted previously.

The provisional turnout for Bristol North West currently stands at 73.5%.

02:11 | Provisional turnout figures released

Benjamin Salmon / Bristol East and Bristol West

Turnout for Bristol West - 76.5%

Turnout for Bristol East - 70.8%

Counting is now underway for both.

01:38 | First votes have been counted
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
Southmead has become the first ward to finish counting. Seven wards remain to finish counting the votes.  

01:03 | Provisional turnout figures released
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
The provisional turnout for Bristol North West is 73.4%. Out of 76,273 eligible voters a total of 55,970 votes have been verified.

This turnout is higher than in the previous two elections where there was a 69% turnout in 2015 and 72% in 2017.

All wards have started counting.

00:53 | Counting has started
Benjamin Salmon / Bristol East and Bristol West

Currently sorting through the ballots now. Still awaiting turnout announcement though it should be coming up soon.

00:45 | Counting starts as verification nears completion
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
Verification is complete for all but two wards. Counting has started for the Southmead and Lockleaze wards.

Verification has nearly finished, some tables have begun counting votes

00:20 | Conservative Bristol 2020 Mayoral candidate supporting Mark West
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
Samuel Williams, the Conservative candidate for the 2020 Bristol Mayoral elections is here to support Conservative MP candidate Mark Weston.

He says he's feeling 'really positive' about the result and there's still 'all to play for' in Bristol North West.

In a time where politics is 'polarised and fractured', Williams added that it was 'really great to see people engaging in democracy'.

Williams also called the exit polls 'extraordinary', highlighting Labour's predicted 191 seats. He said the results 'we see this evening won't truly represent party affiliation', suggesting that the 'levels of tactical voting in this election are unprecedented'.

Although Williams says he 'doesn't like to call the election a Brexit vote - it is'. He said that this election was about other issues, such as the environment, and that politicians should be listening to this.

00:09 | Candidates start to arrive and the Mayor shows his face
Benjamin Salmon / Bristol East and Bristol West

Labour incumbent in Bristol West, Thangam Debbonaire, has arrived at the count looking very chirpy in spite of her party's national showing.

At the same time, the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, is doing the rounds.

23:57 | Verification starting to near completion
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
Southmead is the first ward to have completed their verification. Counting is expected to begin soon.

Nationally, three seats have been declared with the Conservatives taking Blyth Valley from Labour who have held the seat since 1950.

23:40 | Ballot boxes all in and verification is underway
Benjamin Salmon / Bristol East and Bristol West

We're on to verification at the count here in Lawrence Hill. All the ballot boxes across Bristol West and Bristol East are in.

BBC exit poll gives the Conservatives a 20% chance of taking Bristol East while Bristol West has a 99% chance of a Labour hold.

23:28 | Verification underway
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
Verification is now underway for all eight wards in the Bristol North West constituency, before votes are counted.

The first result of the election is in with a Labour hold in Newcastle Central.

22:57 | Ballot boxes are coming in
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
The ballot boxes have been arriving from across Bristol North West, with cars queuing up to deliver them to Henbury Leisure Centre.

BBC exit polls suggest a 55% chance of a Labour hold and a 45% chance of a Conservative gain for Bristol North West.

22:50 | Live from the Bristol West and East counts
Benjamin Salmon / Bristol East and Bristol West

Hi from Lawrence Hill where I will be covering the count for Bristol West and Bristol East for Epigram! These constituencies could be interesting, they could also not be interesting - the night will tell us all! The University is located in Bristol West and the Labour incumbent, Thangam Debbonaire, will be looking to defend her 37,000+ majority.

I'll keep you updated with any developments!

22:01 | Voting has closed
Imogen Horton / Bristol North West
The clock strikes 10 and across Bristol ballots have closed. Current predictions suggest that voting turnout amoung young voters has been high with queues being reported at polling stations accross the country. Tonight Epigram will be live-blogging the election results from counts across Bristol keeping you updated with the news as it comes.

I'll be reporting from the Bristol North West count, a seat held by the Conservatives after the 2010 and 2015 elections until it returned to Labour in 2017.  With a Remain vote of 58.4%, the constituency has also been named by campaign group Final Say as one of 25 where tactical voting could block a Conservative majority.

Check out live blog for updates throughout the night!