Top five plants for a healthier bedroom


By Beth Harris, Wellbeing Editor

The Croft Magazine // Houseplants are a beautiful and relatively cheap addition to your bedroom, but they also have fantastic health benefits.

Does your bedroom need a splash of colour? Houseplants may not only be the solution to a dull interior but could also provide you with a range of health benefits. However, knowing which plants to go for can be a tricky decision. Here are five beautiful plants to add to your shopping list for a healthier and happier bedroom.

Peace lilies are not only easy to take care of, but are great for your skin and hair | Epigram / Beth Harris

For a better nights sleep:


With beautiful pink and white flowers and lush green leaves, Valerian is guaranteed to turn your room from drab to fab. If sleep is a struggle then this is the plant for you. For many years, Valerian has been used as a cure for insomnia. However, in recent years, studies have revealed that the scent of Valerian root actually enhances sleep.


Whilst lavender looks and smells great, it may be better suited to those with a green thumb as it is slightly more difficult to care for, requiring direct light and warmth. The benefits, however, are definitely worth the added care.

It’s well known that lavender scent is a great relaxing agent, however, it is also a great stress reducer. This is because it lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Lavender is, therefore, an amazing bedroom plant to encourage deeper sleep.

Lavender is a great stress reducer and smells great | Unsplash / Joyce Toh

For cleaner air:

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has many uses. Not only does it make a great face mask and treatment for burns but it’s also one of the best plants for air purification. This is because it carries out a type of photosynthesis known as CAM photosynthesis which allows it to carry out the majority of gas exchange at night. Therefore, it removes the carbon dioxide in your breath from the air whilst you sleep. Upon exposure to light, these plants will then release oxygen back into the air again, improving the air quality.

However, the plant power of aloe vera doesn’t end there - it’s also great at removing harmful volatile organic compounds from its surroundings. On top of all that, aloe plants look great and give a room a real clean, fresh aesthetic.

Every planter is handmade from the cement mixture to the form to the finished piece.
Aloe vera is a great air purifier | Unsplash / Stephanie Harvey

Peace lily

Peace lilies have elegant white flowers and are incredibly easy to take care of as they require relatively little light and water - great for a student bedroom. Like aloe vera, peace lilies are also amazing air cleaners.

More specifically, these plants increase the air humidity of any room that they are kept in. This is perfect for a bedroom as increased humidity will greatly increase the quality of your sleep. Higher humidity reduces the amount of moisture that evaporates from the skin, helping to prevent dry skin and hair.

...studies have revealed that the scent of Valerian root actually enhances sleep

Spider plant

Spider plants are a great choice for those with limited lighting. The resilience of these plants means that they will thrive in almost any bedroom and not only this, but they also look great in pots so can really personalize a room. Their main benefit, however, is their ability to purify the air by producing oxygen and removing carbon monoxide, xylene and formaldehyde – a common component in hairspray!

Overall, spider plants are great for wellbeing and are said to increase productivity and decrease stress. So, if you study in your bedroom, this plant may be a good choice for you.

Spider plants remove harmful chemicals from the air | Unsplash / Abel Y Costa

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