In photos: The global climate strike in Bristol


By Will Charley, Deputy Editor

Today, Friday September 20, Bristol city centre was swamped with colourful and creative marchers calling for climate justice.

Environmental protesters marched across Bristol today, making speeches on College Green and by the Victoria Fountains.

The protesters called on the government and ordinary people to 'act now', reducing the harmful effects of global warming.

Those campaigning in Bristol were part of a wider movement, which held protests around the world today.

This is the first globally organised climate strike. A second protest is planned for Friday, 27 September. The movement is known as the Global Climate Strike and claims to have produced environmental protests in 150 countries.

Below are a selection of photos taken by Epigram's editors from across the city.

Bristol protesters used the Swedish slogan popularised by campaigner Greta Thunberg | Epigram / Topaz Maitland
Protesters concerned for wildlife made speeches at the Victoria Fountains | Epigram / Will Charley
Members of Bristol University took part in the climate strike | Epigram / Sabrina Miller
One of the many creative placards paraded down Park street | Epigram / Will Charley
Large numbers of protesters took over College Green | Epigram / Sabrina Miller
'I've Seen Better Cabinets in IKEA': a young protester makes his voice heard | Epigram / Sabrina Miller
Some suggested older generations are ignoring environmental concerns | Epigram / Topaz Maitland
Children as well as students and professionals took part on College Green | Epigram / Will Charley
Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees spoke to environmental strikers outside City Hall | Epigram / Will Charley

Featured image: Epigram / Will Charley

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Will Charley

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