Alumni to return in Bristol Suspensions' 5th anniversary show



By Alina Young, Arts Editor

Expect ‘all things suspenseful, maroon, and a little bit cheesy’.

The University’s award-winning a capella group, The Bristol Suspensions, is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year with a unique reunion show this Saturday, 2nd February. Current and alumni members of the Suspensions will reunite on the prestigious Anson Rooms stage – a fitting venue, as the Suspensions return to their beginnings at the SU.

‘Maroon 5: The Bristol Suspensions’ 5 Year Anniversary Show’ will see the return of members from each of the previous four years, including many who have left the University and haven’t sung together since. Each year group will perform their greatest hits - the likes of Uptown Funk (year 1), Madness/Magic (year 2), A Cappella Block Tango (year 3) and Hush Hush (year 4). The night will allow Bristol audiences to see these legendary performances live for one final time. As each year will be represented, it will be an incredible display of the growth of the Suspensions from its inception.

One of the Suspensions’ founders, Joe Pickin, who left in 2017, tells Epigram how “this is a really exciting concert for us. We’ve come so far over the last five years and this is the first time all five years of alumni have reunited. We can’t wait to get everyone together to sing our hearts out, raising money for a fantastic local charity along the way.”

The Anniversary show is proudly donating profits to the charity Off The Record Bristol, a mental health social movement by and for young people. OTR provides mental health support and information to those aged 11-25 based in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

The night will also be a chance to celebrate the group’s achievements, including the release of two albums, several music videos, selling out entire runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, competing on the BBC’s Pitch Battle, and touring the USA’s East Coast. They have had national and international acclaim, attaining the highest ever UK score in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella – placing them within the Top 12 worldwide – and being crowned national champions at The Voice Festival UK in 2016. All this in just five years, as the brainchild of three musical talents in the summer of 2014.

Dan, the producer of the ‘Maroon 5’ anniversary show, who left in 2018, describes how "This show has been a real challenge to put on, trying to organise the schedules of more than 35 people, over half of whom are no longer students and based all around the country. However, I know it'll all definitely be worth it come Saturday when we start rehearsals – each year of the Suspensions only has 2 hours to rehearse stuff from up to 4 years ago! – and we get back that buzz from singing together that makes the Suspensions so special.”

Celebrating ‘all things suspenseful, maroon, and a little bit cheesy’, as the event promises, the 35 performers will take us through all the highlights of the Suspensions’ career so far. The night will deliver everything we’ve grown to love about a capella – flawless delivery, inventive choreography, and guaranteed laughs. In Dan’s words, “We're going to have so much fun on stage, which will translate through to the audience feeling our energy and having a great time with us!"

To hear more about the show and get your ticket, check out its Facebook event. Find out more about Off the Record, the Suspensions’ chosen charity, at: .

(Featured image: Facebook / The Bristol Suspensions)

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