Q & A: How to make money on Depop


By May Garland

May Garland interviews year-abroad Liv Blackmore about her thriving 6,000 follower Depop business, revealing all you need to know about selling clothes online

I'd like to start off by asking what made you want to set up a depop account?

I started my Depop account for two reasons; the first to sell items that I had been making myself and the latter to shift clothes that simply weren't getting worn.

In 3 words how would you describe your style or aesthetic of your depop page?

Snazzy, jazzy and fun!


(Image: Depop / livblackmore1)

Is there a trend you've noticed with which items or styles sell better?

90s/00s are always popular as are designer items! More broadly speaking, in my opinion the items that sell the best are the most original and unique items. Aside from the benefits of shopping sustainably on Depop, the platform offers a huge variety of products that you can’t find on the high street, therefore vintage items or handmade items are always popular. I tend to find that the more unique the print or design, the better it sells.


What are your top tips for a popular shop?

The best thing you can do is get on the explore page as this will attract a plethora of attention to your featured item, and in turn your page which, speaking from experience, increases sales significantly. Depop staff select items themselves to feature on the page, so the best way to gain their attention is by stay active on the site (liking other items, following people etc.) which also has the benefit of self-promotion.

Do you have any guidance for successful photography?

Take your photos during daylight hours and the simpler the background, the better. Customers will then have a clearer idea of what they’re buying.

Do you have a preference of shopping online or in stores, and why?

I prefer shopping online, from a time management perspective and because you can grab some great bargains! If i go into a high street store to buy something, i’ll look up in advance the items that i want to buy so i don't stray over budget or have to spend too much time browsing, which usually goes to plan!

Also it's way more eco-friendly! So would you say that depop is making Generation X more globally conscious?

Yes! The majority of the items that I sell, I make myself. From an ethical point of view, customers know that their purchases have not been mass produced in a sweatshop. Additionally, by purchasing second hand or vintage items, the negative effects of fast fashion on the environment, such as textile waste, are reduced. Therefore Depop allows one to be environmentally conscious as well as looking fab in an outfit that will turn heads!

Is there a particular age focus for depop or can anyone join?

Although an inclusive and a welcoming community, the majority of users are aged 16-25 so you may want to take in your target audience into consideration when listing items on your page. Having said that, there are options to list children’s clothing, art, tech, books and even sports equipment amongst others, which provides a platform for those looking to not only sell clothes.

Did you encounter any problems with using the site or setting up your account, and if so how did you overcome them?

I didn't encounter any initial problems with the site although it is worth noting that you cannot change the name of your handle once you have joined, and having built up an account and worked hard for reviews to add credibility to your page, you wont want to start a new account. So choose your handle wisely!

Finally, any last advice for a seller or buyer new to depop?

Have fun with it! As a buyer, everyone on Depop is super friendly so don't be afraid to ask for discounts as lots of people are prepared to offer them. As a seller, you may be surprised what will sell and remember to always retain your proof of postage!

You can find Liv's Depop at @livblackmore1


Featured Image: Depop/ depop.com

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