Songs of the year/ 2018


By Joe Gorecki, Bethany Marris and Guy Marcham, Epigram Music

An eclectic list of some of 2018's stand out tracks...

If the unexpected disco vibes don’t get you, the witty subversion of her imagery from country roots will. With ‘High Horse’, Kacey Musgraves has made a genuine crossover banger that will make you wonder why more disco-throwback tracks don’t feature the banjo.

Showcasing Let’s Eat Grandma’s compellingly eclectic synth-pop, ‘Falling Into Me’ is propelled forward by a legitimately danceable beat, a near-epic breakdown and culminates in the kind of saxophone solo Clarence Clemons would be proud of.

For a song about indecision, ‘Confirmation’ is a remarkably confident artistic statement. While much of the song is a gorgeous throwback to ‘80s sophisti-pop, Westerman enraptures the listener with an intimate yet danceable mood that is very much his own.

Over a ticking trap beat tastefully infused by James Blake’s gorgeous falsetto and Stevie Wonder’s dreamy harmonica, Scott explores the complexities of unprecedented fame, and the consequent possibility of developing a ‘God complex’.

Recorded in multiple studios and featuring several voices, including Ava Raiin and Adam Maine, ‘Saint’ instrumentally and lyrically encapsulates the juxtaposing sentiments of frustration and admiration.

A beast to behold. Super group, Mastersystem, not only released one of the best indie rock records of the year, but also one of the greatest tracks. 'Old Team' showcases Scott Hutchison at his most unrelenting and visceral. A ferocious indie rock track channelled with uncaged energy and bite. An intense and emotionally driven final bow from a singer who will be sorely missed.

While Barnett is usually associated with lyrics about her wry mundane observations revolving everyday life in suburban Australia, 'Nameless Faceless' offers something remarkably different. On her sophomore album, Barnett uses her powerful song writing to form a rallying cry. The biting and politically aware lyric of "men are afraid that women will laugh at them/ Women are afraid that men with kill them" speaks volumes. 2018 sees Barnett deliver a striking feminist anthem for the me-too movement.

Where to start with David Byrne's latest indie dancefloor banger. A song that bursts with immense colour and creativity, pulling the listener in unexpectedly strange and wonderful musical directions. A pulsating and joyful track that cements David Byrne's status as an indie icon even after 40 years in the business.


Over a glorious, quintesentially G-Funk beat, Anderson. Paak teams up with west-coast royalty Snoop Dogg and The Last Artful, Dodgr. The trio pay homage to the wonders of 90s R&B through this nostalgicacally groovy, inofensively cheeky tune.

You can listen to all the songs below.

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