An ode to... Turtlenecks


May Garland gives us a guide on how to rock her all-time favourite fashion essential, the turtleneck jumper

Before reading this article I suggest you pull on a cosy knit and get a warm beverage because everyone loves a jumper, right? To me, turtlenecks in particular are an essential to my wardrobe. The styles, the potential outfits, the seasons. If you’re not already a knit fanatic hopefully this article will persuade you that they are wonderful things that will can truly change your life.

To me, the turtleneck is the epitome of style and cosiness: partner it with mom jeans, hoops and some boots and you’ve got a perfect casual winter outfit. Denim and this style of knitwear is always a winning combo. Alternatively, grab a skirt with it (patterns give a quirky, vintage edge) and you’ve got an outfit everybody will be envious of.

Why not partner this with a beret? It will add a chic, cultural twist to your look; I’m always inspired when I see people rocking a beret. In my jumper collection I’m not embarrassed to say that the majority are turtle-necks; pink, black, yellow, brown, white (never too excessive). Layering this high neck with a dress is another key to success and never fails to look effortlessly fashionable.

Let’s consult the seasons appropriate for turtle-neck pull overs. You may be thinking only cold weather justifies whipping out a cable knit, but the summer can provide just as many opportunities (especially in the cooler climate of Bristol). Picture, for instance, a stunningly sunny beach day, there’s nothing better then to pull on an open weave, high-neck, chunky knit after a swim to snuggle in and enjoy the endless summer evening, cropped jumpers can be a great option for the warmer weather too.

With the right outfit I think turtle-necks can be both casual and evening wear, from brunch club to an elegant evening out, this can be fit within your outfit of choice. Body hugging, ribbed, turtle-necks with heels are an elegant touch and work so well whilst still being super snug. A polo-neck jumper dress is another option for your sophisticated dinner out or with wellies for your autumnal walk. One of my favourite outfits now must be a turtle-neck top, red plaid skirt, black denim jacket, grey scarf and classic brogues to finish the look. These tops will be your new go-to in this season and are an important asset in student chic.

But there are so many other jumper styles that you can experiment with too; from balloon sleeves to oversized and baggy, cashmere to wool, roll to V-neck. If your feeling classy, casual, colourful or just want to get cosy- the variety of thickness, style and fabrics has convinced me there’s a turtleneck for everyone. They are so versatile and can suit everyone’s individual styles- they will never go out of style.

Featured Image: Eduard Militaru / Unsplash

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