5 independent lunch spots that you’ll wish you knew about earlier


By Laila Freeman, Epigram Food Editor

Food Editor, Laila Freeman, shares her list of top 5 independent lunch spots in Bristol. Perfect for catching up with friends after the summer or for forming new friendships.

1. Pinkmans Bakery

First on the list is Pinkman’s Bakery, located on Park Street. Not only does Pinkman’s Bakery do an amazing selection of cakes and pastries - most notably their famous Sour Dough-Nuts, which they create in a different flavour each month - but they also serve delicious hot food. Their pizzas are massive and very cheaply priced at only £7 for a Margherita and they also have a range of other dishes including lasagne and tagines. Pinkman’s really is the perfect place for a delicious and cheap lunch near campus, or a even for a nice dinner. Plus they cater super well for dietary requirements, with many gluten free options and several vegan dishes.

Epigram/Laila Freeman

2. Beets and Roots

Beets and Roots is located near the top of Cotham Hill, which already makes it an ideal contender for lunch near uni, however it is the amazing menu that really makes it the perfect choice. The food is much more ‘healthy’ than most cafes, serving items such as açai and smoothie bowls, as well as more traditional brunch items like avocado toast. The buddha bowls are by far the best thing on the menu at Beets and Roots though, full of so many contrasting yet complementing flavours.

3. Primrose Cafe

Tucked away in Clifton Village, Primrose Cafe is a lovely place to have lunch on a weekend, or on a day with few lectures. Set in the heart of the village, Primrose Cafe sets the perfect brunch scene before you’ve even entered, overlooking the quaint shops, with a little greengrocers opposite it. The food certainly does not disappoint either. Whilst it does, of course, feature all the classic brunch items, the menu is no way limited to such, with many exciting items such as vegan Cauliflower and Onion Bhaji wrap and Lamb Shawrma.

4. Bakesmiths

Bakesmith’s is Whiteladies Road’s answer to brunch, located about halfway down - an ideal stop off on that trek back to Stoke Bishop. There is a lovely range of food served until 5:30pm on weekdays and 3:30pm on weekends, mostly incorporating the delicious freshly made sourdough bread. Bakesmith’s cakes are their real star though, with an amazing 3 cakes for £5 offer running on Friday’s.

5. Boston Tea Party

Of course there couldn’t be a list of lunch places in Bristol without a shoutout to good old Boston Tea Party. Although technically not quite independent, and rather a South West mini chain, for the mass of people flocking into Bristol from London and the Home Counties (myself included) it is as good as one. There are several BTP’s in Bristol, with the biggest being located on Park Street, each boasting the same bright decor and undeniably good food! I’m yet to hear a single bad word about BTP and that is because it quite simply never disappoints.

Feature image: Epigram/Laila Freeman

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Laila Freeman

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