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Following graduation we reflect upon the ways that Bristol has prepared our graduates for the real world.

Graduating from the University of Bristol is a big deal. After years of studying and hard work you have finally put on that gown (not a cap but hey ho), got the photograph and become a 'grown up' with a degree from one of the best universities in the country. However, with that great achievement comes a tinge of sadness, because when you signed up to study here, knowingly or unknowingly, you signed up to fall in love with the city. But instead of wallowing at the fact you may be saying goodbye for a while, let’s take a minute to celebrate the ways in which being a Bristol grad has prepared you in the greatest possible way for what's to come…

You may not find these printed alongside your classification but trust me as a Bristol grad you are:

1. Fluent in Bristolian
When was the last time you thought of a triangle as a three sided shape? A lounge was once a place for resting and relaxing, but is now home to lizard stamps and cheesy tunes.
Jason Donervan is without a doubt the local hero who you can always rely on for chips with a smile - definitely not some ballad singing, techni-colour coated Australian.

2. Not easily fazed
Guess what...? One of the main roads has been shut for a huge slip and slide; Park Street has been turned into a hay-filled park, there are giant statues of Bristol's most famous animation characters all over the city, oh and there is a puppy room for exam stress. No big deal.

3. Prepared for any situation
Maybe a slight exaggeration, but if Bristol has taught you anything it is how to prepare and plan for the unexpected. AKA as a Bristol grad, you will never be deceived by blue skies because it can and probably will rain at any moment.
ALWAYS carry an umbrella.

4. An expert timekeeper
How could you not be after years of the Wills Memorial Building chiming on the hour? If you are worried about missing the ear splintering clanging too much, then there's no need. Not when Great George has his own twitter account...

*Verified as the official and only account of the beloved bell.*

5. A social butterfly
With years of 'let's go for drinks' under your belt, you are equipped for most social situations. Your past experiences are likely to include; overlooking the suspension bridge, utilising the city's happy hour cocktails, awkwardly knocking on the door of a speakeasy, sipping bubbles at one of the many society balls and going for a 'quiet' drink at the Cori Tap.

6. Very determined
If you managed to overcome the pain in the ASS of locating a library seat during exam time, rush hour commuting will be a breeze.

7. Pretty cultured
With Stokes Croft on your doorstep, amazing food and drink festivals around every corner, and wonderful productions readily available; you've experienced what Bristol has to offer. Not to mention that your everyday wanderings will have casually featured work by the world's most famous street artist, Banksy.

8. Always ready to deliver a pep talk
Having been serenaded by Bristol's top motivator, you've learnt how to brighten up someone's day from the best.

9. A big fan of birthdays
Not everyone can say they've been to a birthday party with 100,000 other guests and the most amazing firework display. Thanks to Brunel, you can.

10. An experienced climber
You have learnt a new meaning to the word 'hill', thanks to your good friends St Michael's and Constitutional. While working on that notorious Bristol bum you've managed to conquer them all...

11. Good at finding the right spot
The hills may be bad but you know how to enjoy a view. Let's face it Bristol makes it pretty easy.

Hot air balloons are inflated and take to the skies as they participate in the mass assent at sunrise in the main arena on the second day of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta on August 11, 2017 in Bristol, England. More than 130 balloons have gathered for the four day event, now in its 39th year and now one of Europe's largest annual hot air balloon events, being hosted in the city that is seen by many as the home of modern ballooning. #balloons #bristolballoonfiesta

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*But not much beats your soft spot for hot-air balloons.*

It's safe to say that choosing to study at the University of Bristol has given you much more than just a degree, most of all you've developed undoubtable loyalty to the beautiful city that you have been able to call home for a while.

Featured Image: Hannah Price

What has made your time in Bristol special? Get in touch with us below.

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