Brexit and Barriers


By Candra George, Third Year English Literature

The Croft Magazine//Brexit has been the hot topic dominating the news for the past four years. Finally, on January 31st, we entered a transition period following the enactment of the withdrawal agreement. This transition period will last until December 2020, with 2021 marking the official date of departure. However, this process should not stop you from booking your next city break to Prague or beach holiday in Portugal. So, here are some things you should keep in mind if visiting the EU this year:

What stays the same:

-       Transport: Flights, Flixbus and ferries will all operate as normal until 2021. This also includes the Eurostar which will continue to run services to and from the UK.

-       Visas: The EU has agreed to give British citizens visa-free travel to EU member states for up to 90 days during the transition period. From 2021 onwards, visa-free travel will be available to British citizens as long as it works vice-versa for EU citizens visiting the UK.

-       Travel Insurance & Brexit: In order to protect your holiday and minimise any impact Brexit may have on your plans (or with your package provider, if you use one), make sure you purchase travel insurance. This will ensure that you are provided with a full refund or alternative flights in the event of disaster. As with any other holiday, it is also important to make sure that your travel insurance is tailored to your needs. This means choosing insurance which covers any pre-existing medical conditions or sporting activities  - such as skiing or surfing - that you will be taking part in on your trip.

-       Passports: As with any other holiday, you will need a valid passport during your holiday. Importantly, from January 2021 you will be required to have a passport more than six months away from its expiry date.

-       European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): For those who have travelled to the EU before, the EHIC is a great way to ensure you have access to medical care in the EU when travelling. The card will remain valid throughout 2020, however, the government has warned that it may no longer be valid as of 2021.

For those planning ahead and booking trips for 2021, your rights as British citizens in the EU will ultimately depend on the negotiations taking place this year. In order to stay updated with the latest travel advice for your chosen destination, sign up for travel alerts and advice from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office:

Finally, for travel inspiration for your next trip and advice on how to stay safe, follow @TravelAware on Instagram!

Featured image: Unsplash / Ken Yam

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