Psychology students 'let down' after being given the wrong exam question


By Georgiana Scott, Investigations Editor

Students have expressed concern that their results will be compromised as a result of the error.

The University’s Department of Psychology has issued a formal apology after first-year students received the wrong exam question.

Year one course director, Dr Philip Collard, confirmed the question that appeared on the exam was not the one that had been set.  While unable to identify how the error occurred, he stated: ‘I can’t stress enough how seriously we are taking this. We all are very aware of how much work you have put into revision.

'It is fair of you to expect clear and direct advice on how you will be examined, and in this respect, you have been let down.'

Students were also assured ‘strategies are being discussed on minimising the impact this error has caused and ensuring that no one will be disadvantaged.'

One student expressed their frustration towards the department, saying: ‘Although you have said that you are working with us, it feels as if you have intentionally misled us and are working against us. I know that my grade will be severely compromised due to this misleading and irrelevant information’.

Students also found several mistakes in a multiple-choice exam from the same unit. This included the omission of a question, repeating of possible answers, as well as, spelling and grammatical mistakes.

The University gave their ‘sincerest apologies’ for these errors, saying, ‘we do check through the papers internally, but these errors have somehow got through the scrutiny process’.

Speaking to Epigram, one student said: ‘The Biology department of Psychology have proven twice now that they’re incapable of formulating an error-free exam. I have serious concerns for the future of my degree.

'Personally, being at a Russell Group top 10 UK university and paying £9.25k a year for these kinds of mistakes is unacceptable and someone needs to be held accountable, as it baffles me as to how an administrative error can lead to an entirely new question being conjured up?'

Featured image: Epigram/ Cameron Scheijde

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