Helpful meat and dairy alternatives


By Olivia Critoph, Epigram Food Deputy Editor

For those who considering a switch from a meat and dairy diet, to a vegan/vegetarian diet, but are unsure of what to buy in replace of your meat and dairy, this list can give you some helpful pointers of essentials you can either find in most supermarkets, or a Holland and Barrats.

Milk - oat/almond/soy/hemp/coconut milk

Cheese - Violife slices, freefrom cheese

Butter - Flora Dairy free, Vitalife, Pure

Yoghurt - Alpro yoghurt

Ice cream - Ben and Jerry’s Dairy Free!

Egg replacement - Tofu (lovely scrambled), or veganegg (can be found at holland and barrats)

Mince meat - quorn mince, or soya mince (can be found in holland and barrats)

Meat - Quorn offers many vegetarian and vegan “meats” i.e fishless fingers, “chicken” nuggets, and “ham” slices

Feature image: NeONBRAND

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