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As part of Epigram’s Green issue, Epigram Travel wanted to find out if Bristol students consider the impact their travelling has on the environment. We are so often made aware of the impact our daily habits can have on the environment and the little things we can do to change them (how many times have you been told to use an energy saving lightbulb, or recycle your cardboard?) But, when it comes to travelling, have we ever even thought about how it effects the environment, let alone what we can do to change it?

Only 15% of those surveyed listed the impact on the environment within their top three concerns, making it the second lowest, after homesickness

In our survey, we asked Bristol students what their top three concerns were when they travelled, including all possible issues like language barriers to getting on with travel companions. Cost, safety, and transport within the country proved to be the three most popular, with cost getting 95% of the results. Nevertheless, only 15% of those surveyed listed the impact on the environment within their top three concerns, making it the second lowest, after homesickness. Whether this surprises you or not, it is clear that Bristol students surveyed are less concerned with the impact on the environment than they perhaps should be.

70% of those surveyed were aware of the negative impact their travelling had on the environment

However, although it doesn’t filter into the top concerns when travelling, 70% of those surveyed were aware of the negative impact their travelling had on the environment showing that somewhere, and somehow the message is getting across. But is there more we can do? Less than half of those surveyed would change the way they travel to improve the environment, but is this because they don’t know just how easy it is and that such small changes can make a big difference? 78% of those surveyed feel they would benefit from being made aware of changes they could make to reduce the environmental impact of their travelling so we’ve given you five things you can try next time you travel which will ensure you have less impact on the environment!

Using public transport means you can try sleeping in all sorts of uncomfortable places!
(Epigram / Ellie Caulfield)

5 little things you can do

1. Use public transport
Public transport is definitely more environmentally friendly than hiring a car or getting a taxi. Think of all the co2 emissions you’re preventing! Plus, it is a lot cheaper and just think of it as a more immersive, and cultural experience!

2. Pack light
Remember that what you pack can have an effect on the environment as well. Getting excited at the prospect of 30kg luggage allowance? I don’t think the polar bears are. Lighter luggage is better for the environment as well as your back. When it comes to what you pack, a reusable water bottle is always good!

3. Respect your surroundings and the local environment
When it comes to the environment, it isn’t just about the ozone layer we are destroying. We need to make a real effort to look after the environments that we are exploring. You can do little things like not littering, staying on trails and public footpaths, and not feeding animals. And please, if you are still considering riding elephants in Thailand then why have you even read this far?

4. Be careful with souvenirs
Lots of souvenirs are made from materials which have a devastating impact on the local environment. Think the ivory necklace is pretty? Might not be too pretty when you get obtained in customs!

5. Consider travelling closer to home
The beautiful island that is the UK, how many times have you actually explored it? Although the weather is not as predictable, at least you won’t have to worry about the language barrier! Travelling shorter distances can seriously help the environment, so why not give it a go this summer?

Most importantly, remember to enjoy the environment as much as possible which includes doing your best to preserve it!


Featured image: Epigram / Ellie Caulfield

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