Patrick Sullivan

Epigram co-Editor-in-Chief 2019-20, now digital puzzles connoisseur. EngD student researching sustainable composites, entering my sixth year at UoB (somehow).

ARTICLES BY Patrick Sullivan

Colston statue torn down during Bristol Black Lives Matter protest

A prominent 19th century statue of Edward Colston, a merchant and slave trader, was torn down by protestors in central Bristol.
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Package-free food delivery being trialled in Bristol

A Bristol engineering graduate and his brother are piloting a food delivery service in the city using customers’ own tupperware to save on packaging waste.
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Bristol University labs planning for June reopening

University management hope to open some research facilities again for use from 1 June, but have promised only to do so for ‘COVID-secure’ spaces.
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Bristol undergraduates launch scheme for students to help local charities affected by COVID-19

A group of current Bristol undergraduates are looking for hundreds of fellow students to support 30 local charities with their work over the summer period.
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Bristol SU Officers discuss Bristol’s ‘safety net’ policy and everything you need to know

Individual schools will confirm specific details for each course by Monday 4 May, and Epigram has talked to the SU Education Officers, Hillary Gyebi-Ababio (Undergraduate) and Chris Brasnett (Postgraduate) to answer the questions currently on student lips.
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Bristol University confirms ‘safety net’ approach to final year grades affected by COVID-19 as students wait for more details

Bristol students received confirmation their final degree classification will not go down due to assessment results affected by COVID-19, but they could be waiting until 4 May for further details on how it specifically applies to their course.
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Bristol Uni to release full ‘no detriment’ policy on Friday

The University of Bristol has promised to clarify their approach to grades affected by COVID-19 by the end of Friday after students were left without the full details earlier in the week.
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Bristol students can claim Oxbridge degree in latest Uni coronavirus policy

After pressure from students, the University of Bristol have said that degrees will be given the extra status of being from Oxford or Cambridge due to the unprecedented effects of the pandemic.
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