Maddy Raven


International Day of Persons with Disabilities: how are disabilities presented in film and TV?

Casting choices in Hollywood have become the hot topic in recent years. And, while we seem to be making progress, sometimes it feels like a one step forward, two steps back conversation – especially when it comes for the representation of those with special needs.
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In conversation with Donta Storey, the filmmaker behind 'LiME'

Donta Storey is a non-binary, Black, and queer filmmaker from Compton, California on the rise. Their film LiME was an Official Selection at this year’s Outfest Fusion Film Festival after a successful festival run that took the film from San Francisco’s Black Film Festival to the DC Film Festival.
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Editors’ Picks: Presidential Election

It’s the day of the presidential election in the United States, and while we are thinking of everyone there today, we’ve got a few suggestions of things you could watch if you’re politically inclined.
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London Film Festival: What's worth seeing?

Although it would have been physically impossible to see them all, here are some of my favourites from the London Film Festival 2020
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The year ahead with Film Society

As part of our short interview series with the film societies on offer at Bristol, I spoke to this year’s president of Film Society, Guy Atoun.
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The year ahead with Film Departmental Society

We want to continue the work the Film Departmental Society has done so far and push it further, and really engage the film community at Bristol.
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