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Editors’ Picks: Presidential Election

It’s the day of the presidential election in the United States, and while we are thinking of everyone there today, we’ve got a few suggestions of things you could watch if you’re politically inclined.
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Watersprite Film Festival: In conversation with the filmmakers behind "For Sama"

I attended ‘Watersprite Meets: The Makers of For Sama’, a thrilling talk and interview with filmmaker Waad Al-Kateab, the acclaimed director of For Sama (2019).
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Editors’ Picks: university life

This month, we’ve been looking at how university life is presented onscreen! Here’s our editors’ picks for essential university films to watch
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PRIDE and Prejudice: Representing LGBTQ+ on the Big Screen

Over the past thirty years, LGBT+ culture has made a pronounced entrance into mainstream cinema, with many more films being made about the queer experience.
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Editor's Picks: Pride

To celebrate Pride Month, we thought we'd tell you some of our favourite examples of LGBT+ representation in film.
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Alternative streaming services to make the most of lockdown

Seen everything worth watching on Netflix? Seen everything not worth watching on Amazon Prime? Unsurprisingly, there are actually a wealth of alternative streaming services to be found online, beyond the world of iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon
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