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Bristol Uni offers halls students a 30% rent rebate for seven weeks from 19 December

An extension to the rent rebate in early December was announced in an email today to all students in University accommodation. Rent Strike Bristol remain critical of the University's position.
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Blanket fine threatened to entire Halls block unless organisers of gathering come forward

All students in Hiatt Baker C block will face a fine, unless the perpetrators of Saturday's alleged mass lockdown breach come forward.
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University U-turn on decision to use bursaries to offset outstanding rent payments

Students have been informed today by email that their bursary payments will now not be used to offset outstanding debts.
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University of Bristol plans to deduct bursary money from those on rent strike

The University of Bristol have said they will use student’s bursaries to ‘offset’ any missed rent payments from those involved in the ongoing strike.
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University of Bristol staff sign open letter voicing solidarity with student rent strikers

Around 50 members of University staff have so far signed the letter expressing their support for the rent strike movement at Bristol.
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Bristol Uni rent strike on course to be the biggest in UK history after 1000 signups

The Bristol, Cut the Rent campaign has amassed 1000 pledges from students promising to withhold rent starting this Saturday, 24 October, putting it on track to become the biggest student rent strike in British history.
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Bristol University students to hold a rent strike in response to quarantined halls

‘Bristol, Cut the Rent’, a coalition of students campaigning to reduce rent in University halls, are planning a rent strike from next Saturday, 24 October, and demand a 30 per cent rent reduction.
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University apologises to Bristol students after ‘significant error’ affects online teaching

The IT Service and Digital Education Office at Bristol University have issued an email apology following disruption to the Blackboard system on the first day of term.
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