Preview/ Sleeper @ O2 Academy


By Alexia Kirov, Music Editor

Having released The Modern Age - their first album in over two decades, last month - Sleeper play Bristol’s O2 Academy on Friday.

The Modern Age is Sleeper’s fourth LP: their previous records were released in quick succession in the mid-ninties as Britpop swept the charts. But after quick commercial success - all three albums charted in the top ten - and hits such as ‘Sale of the Century’ and ‘Inbetweener’, the London band called it a day in 1998.

19 years on, frontwoman Louise Wener, guitarist Jon Stewart and drummer Andy McLure got back together, and joined by new bassist Keiron Pepper, played four dates at the Starshaped Festival, a celebration of all things Britpop. Since then, they’ve played all over the UK - and most excitingly - written the new material that this tour will showcase alongside their back catalogue.

Tickets are available here.

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Alexia Kirov

Music Editor @ Epigram 2017-19 / Photo credit: Catarina Rodrigues, Barbican 2018