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Sweden's supremacy seems accepted by its neighbours

The Croft Magazine // Travelling as a student either side of the Nordic superpower, its clear obedience remains even in independence.
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On the Ground: Netherlands

The Croft Magazine // In our seventh pin drop, we go on the ground in Amsterdam with Year Abroad student Theano Dimopoulou, working and studying in a city still under some coronavirus restrictions, and where new light has been shed on the Anne Frank case.
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A journey up the line of the 'Baltic Chain'

The Croft Magazine // The Baltic states, clinging to the side of Russia, are cheap for students, but an odd collection of technological startups and run-down dumps.
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On the Ground: Russia

The Croft Magazine // In our sixth pin drop, we go on the ground in St. Petersburg with Year Abroad student Jenny Barruol, now studying in the nation's second city. Russia stands accused of engineering conflicts in neighbouring countries.
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The Fish Wars: A view from the other side of La Manche

The Croft Magazine // A Year Abroad student in Boulogne-sur-Mer gives his take on the post-Brexit fishing disputes, looking out at the battlefield.
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