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Saved by silvopasture: conquering Colombia’s climate crisis

A project led by Bristol lecturer looks at the effects of new agricultural practices in rural Colombia, in a bid to help reach COP26 targets
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The science of attraction

Is your Briscrush a declaration of love or just a biological response? This Valentine's day, SciTech explores the many scientific theories that have attempted to explain attraction
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Moth wingtips confuse the echolocation of hunting bats, researchers find

How much do you know about the evolutionary battle for sound supremacy being fought between bats and moths? Researchers at the University of Bristol share their groundbreaking discovery
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Bristol's youth respond to the climate crisis in latest We The Curious exhibition

The latest exhibition at We The Curious is exploring Bristol’s climate crisis through the eyes of its young people. Their primary message? This can change.
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'COVID-19 on campus' study looking for participants

Following the launch of their survey in 2020, researchers from CON-QUEST are looking for more participants to continue their study of COVID-19 on campus
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