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Toxic New Year resolutions

The Croft Magazine // As 2022 begins many of us take the chance to set up new resolutions to 'improve' ourselves in the new year. However, often these resolutions surround weight and unrealistic goals that set us up for disappointment. How can we make these resolutions more achievable?
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On the Ground: Sweden

The Croft Magazine // In our fifth pin drop, we go on the ground in Uppsala with student Annie Nylén, currently studying at the country's second most prestigious university. Sweden recently welcomed its first female prime minister.
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January horoscopes

The Croft Magazine // The Croft’s resident clairvoyant reveals what the stars have in store for you in the new year...
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Epigram Music's 100 best songs of 2021

In our greatest feat yet, Epigram Music brings you our top 100 songs of 2021, as chosen and reviewed by our writers. We humbly present the soundtrack to another strange year (in no particular order as we don't believe in pitting great artists against each other):
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University of Bristol bring cutting edge robotics to nuclear research

Following the launch of the University of Bristol’s four new ‘Hot Robotics’ facilities, Bristol leads the way in UK atomic research
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The Kings Man: riotous prequel is a thrilling addition to the franchise

Set against the backdrop of the First World War, the King's Man traces the origins of the underground spy organisation
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