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Best YouTube 'skinfluencers' to watch

The Croft Magazine // Here are the best skincare gurus of YouTube whose videos don't feel tainted by sponsorships or aspirations to be on a brand's PR list.
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Spooky slays - how to look fierce and fearful with these Halloween makeup looks

The Croft Magazine // With Covid-19, spooky season will be slightly different this year - but that doesn't mean we can't dress up for the living room, right? Whether you're a makeup pro or novice, these looks will ensure you are the scariest thing sitting on your sofa.
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Beauty advent calendars that won't break the bank

It may seem a bit premature to be thinking about advent calendars already, but if you’re a beauty junkie you will know that these calendars sell out quick, so be prepared to act fast.
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How to hide a hangover - beauty edition

If you actually make it to your seminar or online class with a hangover, first of all congrats – not many make it that far! Secondly, if you did want to make a good impression, here are my top tips on how to hide a hangover!
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Four brands that are shaping the world of inclusive beauty

When shopping for beauty products, it can be underwhelming when a brand doesn't represent you. It can be frustrating to see brands have only performative 'diversity' on social media. So, here is a list of the most comprehensive brands when it comes to inclusivity.
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The Pachamama Project

The Croft Magazine // Find out more about this non-profit organisation that makes reusable sanitary pads for refugees around the world.
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